Monday, January 30th, 2023

Modern Japanese Interior with Festive Vibes

Sushi Tei has been in business since 1994, and remains the fastest and largest Sushi Chain restaurant in 8 countries, including Indonesia. Their reputation is second-to-none and offers a friendly and family-oriented dining environment along with the finest Japanese cuisine.

Their outlet in Botani Square marks the first Sushi Tei outlet in Bogor area with a Modern Japanese interior design style. The initial design concept for Sushi Tei at Botani Square comes from Shizen, which are focusing on the harmony between people and nature. Shizen philosophy has been the core value in many Japanese design methods which often use bamboo and light wood and would perfectly present the Japanese characteristic for Sushi Tei.

ST 01

Another inspiration came from Tanabata, a festival based on an old story that tells of the annual reunion of two lovers in the Milky Way. This summer festival also brings a splash of colour to public spaces across Japan as beautiful decorations go up on display. It’s presented with a bright ambiance that is lively and vibrant yet comfortable for the diners. One of the main customs of Tanabata is writing one’s wish on a Tanzaku, small pieces of colored paper and hanging it on a bamboo stalk. This element is then applied to the ceiling of the main dining area of Sushi Tei to bring festive vibes.

The adoption of the natural Shizen elements, such as wood and stone, is applied in the sushi counter area, where the dish is prepared that might use heat and earthy ingredients. The wood treatment is applied using a fish fin pattern that comes from the water element and is combined with iron elements. This is all to emphasize the Tanzaku that contains five elements, namely earth, water, iron, fire and wood.

The whole interior design presents joy and fun with vibrant vibes yet warm ambiance from the use of natural materials, perfect for dine in with family, friends and loved ones. Looking forward to designing more of Sushi Tei future outlets.