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Ikons Furniture is a furniture brand specifically caters for hotels, cafes and restaurants and Metaphor Interior Architecture is proud to present the opening of @ikonsfurniture showroom in Kemang area, South Jakarta.     Established in 2010, Ikons Furniture provides carefully designed furniture that focus on hospitality and restaurant, supported by

  Gyu-Kaku has a huge presence ini Indonesia, especially in Jakarta. Their latest location in Grand Indonesia marks as the biggest outlet they have and Metaphor Interior Architectur as interior design was honored to be able to take part in their journey.     The interior design approach for

Shabusen is a newly opened restaurant in SCBD area that serves authentic Japanese shabu-shabu, specializing in Wagyu Beef. The interior presents a contemporary and modern approach of Japanese interior by bringing the intricate Japanese wooden structure characteristic into the space.     Design inspiration can come from anywhere.

Fasad Type 9 & 7 Cluster Kelimutu at ASYA - Day (Foto: Dok ASYA)   Jakarta - Pandemi COVID-19 yang sudah berlangsung sekitar dua tahun ini telah memunculkan banyak perubahan perilaku dan kebutuhan masyarakat. Kondisi ini menuntut perlunya dilakukan adaptasi menuju kenormalan baru (new normal) dalam berbagai

Hokkaido-Ya is a fast-casual eatery serving hearty Hokkaido inspired dishes and Japanese favorite food such as Donburi and Yakitori. The interior design speaks of a casual and bright ambiance dominated with blue color to enhance the brand identity. The fun vibe also emphasized by the

Bringing the theme of Nusantara food, Remboelan presents an authentic Indonesian cuisine from all over the nation. Their mission is to preserve the heritage by reintroducing traditional delicacies in a modern and scrumptious way. Serving new taste and presentation while at the same time provide

From the humble onigiri to elegant nigiri sushi, Japanese food is evolving through the season while still staying true to their flavors. The cuisine is amazingly diverse, focusing on the quality of ingredients itself. It can be as light and refreshing as pickled vegetables and

SOHO Flex Space @ Fairview & Hillcrest Millennium Village Lippo Karawaci Tangerang launching perdana. Soho terbaru tahun 2020 besutan daripada Lippo Group dilaunching perdana pada harga jual daripada Rp. 561 jutaan* saja. SOHO Flex Space Lippo Village Karawaci mengusung konsep “Hybrid Flexible Space for the Creators” yang mana