Monday, January 30th, 2023

Modern Japanese Luxury with Warm Ambiance


Gyu-Kaku has a huge presence ini Indonesia, especially in Jakarta. Their latest location in Grand Indonesia marks as the biggest outlet they have and Metaphor Interior Architectur as interior design was honored to be able to take part in their journey.



The interior design approach for Gyu-Kaku in Grand Indonesia was inspired by Umi No Nami, or sea waves. Japan itself was an archipelago with more than 6000 islands, surrounded by two big oceans of Pacific Ocean and East China Sea. The meeting of these to oceans causes big waves and this is what the Japanese called “Umi No Nami”. Japanese people trust that big waves is about an irresistible force of nature compared to human.



The design speaks of a Modern Luxury with Japanese touches throughout the space. The dominant use of wood emphasizes a warm and welcoming ambiance for the customer. While at the same time presenting the modern Japanese detail with the use of pattern, shapes and texture. One of the main features of waves was interpreted in the ceiling of Gyu-Kaku with wood pattern that is arranged in a wave-like manner, and gives an interesting feature to the interior design of the main dining area.



Another inspiration of Umi No Nami, or Sea Waves are subtly implied in the interior design of Gyu-Kaku by using various tone of blue that represent the color of ocean, and is implemented on the graphic wall, pendant lamp and the use of fabric in the booth seating area.



Source by the-metaphor