Friday, July 19th, 2024

Endless Possibilities in an Enjoyable Working Space

Zalora is Asia’s leading online fashion, beauty and lifestyle destination with strong presence in 7 countries including Indonesia. They came with an extensive collocation from top international to local brands with over than 3000 authentic products from apparel, shoes, accessories, beauty, pre-loved, and lifestyle, which include essentials and home & living products.

Their huge existence also supported with continuous innovation in providing the best e-shopping experience. Providing endless style possibilities to their customers while maintaining transparency throughout the process. Believing that fashion is for everyone and the ability for any individual to express their personality and attitude through fashion. Focusing in their customers and brand partners, Zalora is the online destination that connects everyone to the limitless world of shopping possibilities.

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This background resonates with Zirconia, a gem that is beautiful and bright with crystal clear body. Comes with it is a characteristic that in line with Zalora’s core value of being transparent towards their customers and brand partners in providing the best fashion, beauty and lifestyle products. Thus, the interior design would like to present a space with style that symbolize clarity and straight forward ambiance that express the nature of the brand itself.

Zalora Production Team is one of the main roots for the whole process of e-shopping. They provide the customers with the details of the products through visual images. This brings the interior design to an open work space concept to synchronize Zalora’s endless possibilities in providing quality products for its customers. No hassle, no obstacle and absolutely worry free.

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The interior design approach is modern industrial feel, and is highlighted on the use of materials such as metal, brick wall and concrete finish with inspiration of the letter Z of Zalora itself that implemented in the interior details. The color black and white symbolize assurance, no grey area means no obscurity. Thus, monochromatic palette is used throughout the design itself. This is to emphasize the sense of simplicity of an open space while still strengthen the core value of Zalora on being transparent to its customers. And as a final touch, added splash of bright colors of yellow and green to freshen up the atmosphere and create a fun and enjoyable working environment.

Overall, the work space interior design for Zalora Production Team is a modern industrial that is user friendly, straightforward, enjoyable space while still emphasize the identity of the brand itself. And it is an exciting and fun project and also one of the projects of Metaphor Interior Architecture in completing a design and build work.