Sunday, April 21st, 2024

Casual Approach New York Style Steak House

The new happening destination in BSD area is now represented by Butler’s Steak. Located within the marketing gallery and show unit area of Upper West, just the opposite of Hygge Signature. Surrounded by open space and greeneries made this the perfect space for spending time with your loved ones while devouring the perfectly cooked steak.

The guideline from the Client was to present a restaurant that is not intimidating. It should be casual, friendly with a welcoming atmosphere. And taking the raw concept from their selling point as a steak house, the interior design goes for a semi-finished treatment while still focusing on the American style that uses slightly red-colored wood and exposed brick. This is to make the interior appears not as neat as a fine-dining space but still appealed for a dinner date or lunch gathering towards the younger audience.

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Inspired by the New York style interior design, it comes with main elements used such as wood paneling, ceramic tiles, wall lamp and a little bit of exposed brick, complemented with natural elements that are presented in the planters and decoration. This is to combine the indoor and outdoor ambiance and to enhance the casual atmosphere with a warm and inviting ambiance that caters to all range of diners.

The brand’s identity color of green is also implemented throughout the space in the use of furniture, wall paneling, wall graphics and the use of green plants in the interior. The treatment in the VIP room is slightly different from the main dining area, with more use of green on the walls to keep in line with the identity of Butler’s Steak itself. As well as the application of wall graphics with leaves patterns at the top of the walls as a way to bring nature into the room. Furniture placement with different shapes is one way to spice up the dining area so that it would not appear monotonous or repetitive. The use of indirect lighting could also create an intimate atmosphere, such as wall lamps and table lamps which still refer to the New York style interior concept. The installation of hanging lamps could evoke the curiosity of visitors when passing from the outside.

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Overall the interior design for Butler’s Steak presents a modern industrial interior inspired by New York style design that brings a warm and welcoming ambiance with a casual atmosphere that is suitable for everyone to dine.