Monday, January 30th, 2023

Mason Pine: an Infusion of Comfort and Art Deco Style

Located at a serene and scenic mountain range, the existing hotel of Mason Pine has evoked its natural beauty through an infusion of comfort and Art Deco Style.

In this journey of hotel design, as an Indonesian interior design consultant we embark on a more thorough journey by creating intricate details, complimented with bespoke furniture. Initially set up to target MICE that will usually involve large groups. This event revolves around corporate, business and professionals. A lot of the development process considers this element while developing the right space for each functional space. We then ensure the space will be able to deliver its intended target while offering the opportunity to secure other market such as family.

Mason Pine

The overall concept of Mason Pine Hotel design is our own creation of Art Deco design style while sustaining the design to be timeless and pleasant for every guest for any occasion. When we talk about Art Deco, a lot of glam and blitz come into mind and yet, our version of this style will be aesthetically pleasant. Other distinct feature of the Art Deco design can be seen in detailed and intricate elements such as floor pattern and step ceiling. Inspired by Art Deco era, we create the patterns of geometric shape for the stairs’ metal railing at the Pine Court. We also repeat the nuance of Bronze that resonates with Art deco that can be found in the mirror bronze at the receptionist desk and elevator at Pine court.

Aesthetics & Spatial Design

Having the benefit of large and spacious area, we embrace the spacious grandeur lobby at Mason Pine Hotel. This first area welcomes incoming visitors with the bronze metal pendant lamp. The furniture selection is made to cater to resort look, giving the guest intimate and relaxed experience upon entering the lobby. Wood element adds up the warmth for the overall space while? having mixed materials of bronze and glass for the treatments in the public area. Moving to the next area, visitors will enter the Pine Court which connects the waiting area with the underground floor.

As per the initial intention, the spacious lobby is ensured to cater large group of people that are attending events, as the current establishment is an extension for the existing Hotel under the same brand. Due to the increasing demand for more meeting rooms and ballrooms to held functions, the newer wing is scheduled to meet the intended mission.

Another area can be observed at the All-Day-Dining Restaurant which has outdoor and indoor seating. While having the buffet area as pivotal point for the articulation, there is also a private room to cater private dining. The combination of mixed materials used in this space can be seen by its ranges such as marble, wood, patterned fabrics, leather upholstery and bronze. Altogether, they create not just comfortable but also pleasant dining experience.

Realisation Efficiency

Designing Mason Pine Hotel has been an exciting journey and undeniably the initial concept has evolved throughout to finally reaching the stage where it is now. Not to mention that each development for the variety of area we have covered has allowed us to develop even more accurate detailed drawing to ensure the success of this project. To accomplish mutual goal of this project, we coordinate with many vendors to ensure the feasibility of our intended design until the final outcome. After the handover of the final drawings, we review the three-dimensional mock-up reviews. The railing design also goes through detailed review for the mock-up as we need to see the proportion and dimension, not only the aesthetic aspect, for safety reasons.

This goes as far as visiting the factories in China, where all of the loose furnitures are made to ensure the durability and lifetime of the chairs and lamps, as well as the development of concept design that is prepared specifically functional and aesthetically pleasant for resort hotel. An example of a unique concept is when we designed the ‘onion’ decorative lamp. The initial intention is to compliment the whole space and present an iconic and eye-catching piece of artwork. There are three varying sizes for this onion lamp. The design presents an illuminated glow that is made of resin with special paint to replicate the veins texture. Looking at close-ups to this bespoke piece, you will see the amber lighting effect created out of the illumination.

Well-being & environmental considerations

Boasting its prominent location that is surrounded by natural beauty, Mason Pine has an advantage as a resort that is located in Parahyangan, West Java. The fresh air compliments daily activity for both local and international guests. With this situation, most of the spacious common areas are naturally ventilated. Natural ventilation of this space allows the hotel to maximize the natural air circulation rather than using mechanical system or air conditioner.

Given this natural setting of cross ventilation in the open space, as can be found in the Pine court, we consider this to be energy-saving. The Pine Court serves as a central area after the grandeur lobby, which connects the spacious lobby with corridor to prefunction, giving the consistent touch of Art Deco in the hotel area. This natural ventilation setting can also be found in the All-Day-Dining Area where it has indoor and outdoor seating. With such setup, incoming fresh air circulates the flow for the space without having to have a fully installed air conditioning system and the space becomes electricity savvy.

Project challenges & Specific solutions

Being developed in a venue that is surrounded by nature, the establishment poses its own challenges. For the area that is widely exposed and naturally ventilated such as the lobby, Pine Court, and the corridor to prefunction, we face our own challenges in determining the right material for the establishment. In this case, for the area of Pine Court, we are faced with the challenge of ensuring to select the correct material for the exposed column along the existing wall. The area is rather humid in Parahyangan, and yet as a resort hotel, Mason Pine needs to consider the durability of material used across the space to ensure it is easily maintained by the hotel staff. It is undeniable that weather is not easily predictable and choosing the wrong material would cause more harm than good. As such, the exposed column along the existing wall should be treated with outdoor-friendly material. In this occasion, we opted with textured paint. This is because of the fact that there is rainy season period that may last as long as a few months. Therefore, we used textured paint on the column which is also combined with another treatment of wood veneer.

Another challenge can be found in the situation of low ceiling in the All-Day-Dining area. This area is then complimented to accentuate buffet area at the centre with the exterior of glass ceiling. The incoming sky light brightens the space and allows another opening for the extended outdoor seating area. Lastly, in designing the hotel corridor, we break the space with Art-Deco pattern that can be seen in small detail elements. We also break the floor pattern with the use of concealed lighting to create connected continuity. As such, the whole space is created effortless to present modern Art-Deco.

Use of product technologies

While there is no new technology applied especially for this hotel design, we use CNC to generate precise detailed dimension for the Art-Deco elements throughout the hotel space. The journey in developing geometrically proportionate Art-Deco pattern allows us to elaborate what is beyond the current existence.

In another extensive process, we also explore the variety of materials used in developing our ‘onion’ lamp. To present a sturdy character, we use the element of metal to make it structurally feasible. We want to make it long last and timeless hence low-maintenance pieces of artwork is produced in the combination of mixed materials. The ribs or lines surrounding illuminating lights are made from metal with wood appearance. This then combines both cold and warm elements in the manifestation of varying sizes of ‘onion’ lamps. Ultimately, not only the space with Art-Deco touch that will be the focal point, but also the bespoke furniture in the space.


By the-metaphor