Sunday, April 21st, 2024

What Will Happen to Co-Working System After the Pandemic

For the past 5 years, the coworking system has become the hottest trend in the working society. It offers so many benefits that the traditional working system doesn’t have. When the pandemic crisis occurs, many people doubt that this system is still able to survive. Even after the pandemic, there is a big chance that working in public is impossible to do. Is that true?

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The Post-Pandemic Situation

Before we talk about the co-working system after the pandemic, we need to know what kind of normality we will have after the pandemic. First of all, some scientists said that COVID could be endemic. It won’t disappear. Therefore, there will be a new culture in public space. People will keep a distance. They reduce the communication frequency with others. Or, they even limit themselves to enter the public/crowded space.

This situation indeed is the opposite of the entrepreneur and co-working philosophy. People build a small and temporary community in the same shared space. They communicate with each other for learning and working together with purpose. With that limitation, it will be difficult to have a normal system in the coworking space. However, we don’t need to worry about that at all.

New Co-Working Culture

The limitation after the pandemic in the future will indeed make it hard to have efficient working in a shared room. However, a human is the best in adapting to all kinds of situations. With so many benefits that the co-working system offered, we believe people will find a way to keep getting those benefits, without increasing the risk of the infection. And, it is doable with today’s technology.

As we all know, the co-working system and space provider, like GoWork, also have the technology to back up their services. In collaboration with interior design jakarta, Metaphor Interior which is trusted to design gowork projects. So, it’s not surprising to find virtual coworking space from them. This is the platform that will facilitate the new culture in the co-working system after the pandemic.

This practice has been implemented along with the shared room rental. The virtual office even gives you more financial benefits. The provider doesn’t need to spend too much money on maintaining the room. And, its rental fee is also much cheaper than the normal office.

We never said that the virtual office will become the temporary office that substitutes the shared room for the co-working system. However, it is the best alternative that the provider can offer for its clients. But, the main concept of the shared room will always be the main product of the service. The provider will apply the changes to assist the new normal and culture.

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The New Change of Shared Space

The office interior is the main target of the changes. The main changes will be creating enough space that is recommended to prevent the infection. It may cut down the number of people that use the space. But, for comfort and convenience, it needs to be done.

Furthermore, we will also understand the rule of using the shared space for start up office to prevent the infection. For example, wearing masks or using hand sanitizer will become mandatory during this period. If people can follow the rules strictly, we believe that the co-working system can still be implemented during the post-pandemic.


Invention and adaptation is the key to the co-working system after the pandemic. Working together with one of the best interior design jakarta can apply the right way in implementing changes in spatial design, rules, and technology, this culture will continue to thrive in the future. People may say that the co-working system is dead. But, it is just too bad that this amazing system that offers so many advantages needs to be removed just because of pandemic doesn’t it?

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