Monday, January 30th, 2023

GoWork Central Park, An Amazing Coworking Space for You

The coworking space has become one of the hottest trends these days. It offers flexibility, freedom, and cheaper rent fee, which is perfect for business. You can find many providers for this shared space service. One of them is GoWork. The new space from this company has been completed. The new space of this company has been completed. Designed by one well-known interior design Jakarta, Metaphor Interior. Space is located in Central Park Mall, West Jakarta. So, what kind of amazing thing that gowork offers with this new space?

Gowork CP 10

Cozy Atmosphere
The atmosphere is different from the other GoWork spaces. The other location offers a green and natural theme, which is perfect for escaping from the city scenery. However, the space design for this location integrates with its location, which is a mall. Therefore, the designer decided to use the main feature of the mall, where people can relax and have fun. So, the designer chooses a cafe theme for this space.
The decor, furniture design, as well as the placement of the lighting create a nice ambient of a cozy lounge where you can relax and forget a bit about your problems. The color scheme for this temporary office also emphasizes the comfort and the theme.
The designer uses a neutral palette as the main color theme. This color blends very well with the mall, but when you enter this space, you can feel a different feeling. This is a perfect public space used for co-working system purposes.

The Plants Decoration
GoWork Central Park still uses the plant as part of the greenery and interior design approach. It doesn’t leave its trademark that uses the greenery and natural theme. However, the plants in this area don’t look too obvious.
The plants chosen for this room has a similar color theme. The designer for this shared office interior uses the dry plant type, like pampas grass. So, even though it has a modern room feeling, the natural and fresh atmosphere is still there. And, it creates a unique and sophisticated place to work while relaxing your body and mind.

The Facilities
A co-working space for working in public also needs to have facilities that support its users. This room also has that. From the picture, you can see one part of the room is changed into a mini-bar or mini-cafe. So, people that use this space can use it to relax and recharge their energy. It is one of the important elements of efficient working using a co-working space.
Furthermore, the area where the user can work is designed to facilitate the working in hours and more. The furniture design to support the user that sits and works with the device is one of the interesting parts of this coworking space.

The Advantages
With all those natural and relaxing designs and atmosphere, this space is a perfect choice for an entrepreneur who needs exclusivity to work out their project. It helps the user to focus and maybe find a new idea for their job.
Furthermore, the less partition area inside the room also allows the user to interact with other users easily. It supports the principle of coworking space, where anyone can learn, share, and cooperate. For those who need a start up office, this is an important thing that a coworking space must have. From this space, there are many possibilities for users to develop and get many opportunities for their business.

GoWork Central Park is indeed one of the best coworking spaces you can find in Indonesia. Metaphor interior as interior design jakarta, did this project very well, so this Central Park gowork has its own color and it gives a perfect area where you can work out your ideas, finish your job, and collaborate with your team or other entrepreneurs from different industries. So, try to leave your small office once in a while, and enjoy the freedom and benefits in this coworking space.

By the-metaphor