Thursday, February 22nd, 2024

Modern Style Private Office with Calming and Elegant Atmosphere

The interior design for an office can be made in such a way as to reflect the character of the user but still in accordance with its function. Resided in four stories building, this private office is located on the 3rd and 4th floor and the whole interior presents a modern and masculine character. Dominant use of darker and calmer colors combined with the soft light create a relaxing atmosphere and speaks of a welcoming feel for the user. Thus, it is a perfect space for holding a meeting with clients or colleagues.

Furthermore, the use of high-quality elements and materials add a touch of elegance to the area. The wood elements on the wall provide not only a natural look but also add an artistic value, finished with seamless panels that give it a proper and neat view. And by adding stone and metal elements to the design, the whole combination creates an industrial contemporary style that emphasize more of masculine side of the user itself. Mirrors are also used as accent throughout the area, this is to give a sense that the room appears bigger than the actual size.

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The 3rd floor houses three separated private office rooms for the users and all three rooms are connected to the lounge area. Furnished with decorative shelves and cabinet, dark colored leather sofa and marble coffee table with metal accent, this area would be a great option for a semi-formal meeting or discussion. The bar area also serves as a small pantry, with marble island table and high chair, it is the perfect area to chill and have a quick break in between activities.

Located one floor above, the meeting room is a pretty simple space decorated with large marble meeting table. Complemented with dynamic ceiling design, wooden floor and large glass door that would let plenty daylight into the space thus creating a warm and cozy ambiance. The build in aquarium is a perfect option to bring beautiful colors and life to the space. It is said that observing and interacting with aquatic pets can reduce stress and high blood pressure. Moreover, this meeting room is also beautifully decorated with full height cabinet that serves as pantry and storage. It would be a perfect spot to displays the company’s milestones, awards and achievement.

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Another benefit of this space is by having a meeting room that can be doubled as a function room. This definitely adds more value to the space and for the user itself. The space can be transformed from a formal space to a more casual dining or hangout area within seconds. The large glass door also serves as transitional object that flawlessly blends the two area into one.

The outdoor comes with a city view that makes a great entertainment, this would generally make the space more comfortable and provide plenty of natural light to the space. The area presents a more nature feel with the use of calmer color combination of wood, stone, furniture and complemented with green plants along the wall and railing that gives a fresh touch.

As a conclusion, the whole design concept that has been made for this office interior design is very detailed while still not forgetting its function. The use of colors, elements and various materials plays a big role in portraying the character of its user and at the same time providing comfort and aesthetic pleasure. And we as interior designer in Jakarta tried our best to produce high quality result and maintain our interior design standard to cater various design project.


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