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Luxury Ambience and Stunning Modern-Oriental Details

Shu Bar is part of Shu Guo Yin Xiang Restaurant, located in Plaza Indonesia, a high-end mall in the center of Jakarta. More than just being known for its tasty culinary, the restaurant is famous for its stunning interior design. The concept of Shu Guo Yin Xiang Restaurant itself is inspired by the Forbidden City, a palace complex that was established in the Qing Dynasty. Meanwhile, Shu Bar is towards the concept of a Speakeasy Bar. This way, the design might be a little bit different from the restaurant but still implementing the same concept.


For the space, the design is made to be more modern but luxurious and intimate at the same time. It clearly shows out a simpler and more minimalist version of Chinese style patterns.

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The Entrance

With the Speakeasy Bar as the main concept, the entrance is designed to be more attractive and eye-catching. Some parts are indeed interesting, which includes the paneling design that is inspired by the beverage crate. Those crates are arranged neatly on the entire facade in maroon. Although the arrangement is quite simple, it simply steals the attention for its unusual look as well as the striking color applied.

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The Reception Area

The reception area also functions as a foyer, a transition area before entering the bar. However, different from the common foyer that usually has limited space; this one is a little bit larger. It intends to spoil the customers even more as it shows that they are the priorities of the bar. Meanwhile, the application of bulbs on the ceiling also provides a more dramatic ambiance. It is also designed to guide customers to the ending point of the room, which is the receptionist counter.

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The Main Interior of the Bar

The main bar is divided into two, private area and main seating area. The private area features city view where customers can enjoy the scenic landscape of Jakarta. On the other side, the main seating area consist of a bar counter and lounge with elegant sofas and tables. Even the connection between the two areas is also very essential to be well arranged. Since the area is not as spacious, the semi see-through screen partition is used to provide natural light from the outside. This would also give guests view of the bar counter, enjoying music and felling the crowd ambiance while still having privacy and intimacy.

Some other details are presented in this area. One of them is the implementation of bronze ceiling applied with Chinese patterns that complemented well with patterned floor that uses homogenous tile marble. Additionally, there is a wine display that is used to separate the reception and bar area, which are inspired from the classic oriental medicine’s drawer. To make it look more enticing, the arrangement is intentionally made to look like it is opened randomly.

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Purposes of the Interior Design

With the space given a modern-oriental design, it is expected that Shu Bar would bring extra comfort and convenience to its customers. The design is made to provide the ambiance of classy, private, priority, and luxury. This way, every customer who comes to this bar can just feel that the bar is really made only for him or her.

Despite the greater effect provided in the entrance area, each part of Shu Bar has its own uniqueness. It is starting from the eye-catching maroon entrance, attractive receptionist area with bulbs, comfortable seating area with a bar lounge, and the intimate private area with city views.

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Some restaurants or public places may use Chinese or Oriental style for their design concept. But Shu Bar delivers you with something extraordinary. The oriental style is creatively combined with modernity and it looked amazing with intricate details made from ideas you had never thought of before, which then resulted in a sophisticated blend of artistic elements. Metaphor interior, as a Jakarta interior design who is trusted to work on this project, are very satisfied and proud to be able to accentuate the client’s brand identity.

By: the-metaphor