Monday, January 30th, 2023

Digital SOHO Show Flat and Marketing Gallery at Upperwest

Show flats and marketing gallery of a destined co-living in Serpong, BSD

Designed to become the integrated one stop living environment, Upper West show flats and marketing gallery embody the dynamics of urban and smart living. Variety of show flats can be seen in each of the design approach. We have designed a refined industrial-inspired SOHO (Small Office Home Office) Show Flat.

Exposed bricks and muted neutral colour palette adds warmth for the workers who use the space for living at the same time. For family, there is a bigger show flat on the last type that use mixed use material, exuding elegance. We as an interior design Jakarta are very impressed to work on this project.


With the rising trends of young entrepreneur and startups, the needs of having integrated place for one to live and work harmoniously has become the demand. Securing this agile trend, we provide refined industrial setting for this show flat. Exposed bricks provide rawness element into the interior while keeping it modernized with raw materials that have been refined to make it timeless and long last. As can be seen in the living room, leather material accentuates the overall feel to make working and living become more pleasant than ever.

Compact Living

The idea of designing this show flat is to provide compact living in minimal space. The available space in ensured that apartment owners can enjoy primary and complimentary features of what an ideal abode should be. Folding bed and glass partition are chosen to make the area space-efficient. Overall neutral and earthy tones exude warmth and comfort, complimented with elements of refined industrial setting.


The design is catered for a complete smart living, supported with digital innovations as aligned with the concept undergone by the property developer. We carried on with timeless design elements, compact amenities and ultimately, add luxurious touch across the living space. Neutral tones are complimented with mixed elements of natural and brass accent, to ultimately provide comfort living.