Sunday, April 21st, 2024

An Inviting South Lobby Entrance at Wisma BNI 46

Renovation of an iconic building of Jakarta, Wisma BNI 46.

We as an Indonesian interior design consultant honoured to take part in a renovation project of an iconic building of Wisma BNI 46 in central business district of Jakarta. Herewith to share the projection of design as seen in its South Lobby.

With the aim of establishing an elegant entrance to become the integral part of the building, we have created an inviting space throughout the use of monochrome tones and materials, such as the river bronzemarble that is used throughout the lobby. Emphasizing the grandeur of the lobby’s size, a floor to ceiling stainless steel wall welcomes visitors. Through the use of concealed lighting, the height of the wall is further highlighted. Atypical brass pendant lights are used to compliment the space, establishing a dominance to the public area.

The whole area speaks contemporary design; presenting an inviting entrance for incoming guests.

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