Monday, January 30th, 2023

The Cut that Makes the Sparks

Luxmatters is a well-known jewelry store that just recently opened after having renovation on their outlet in The Plaza. The interior design was inspired by the cut of a diamond. The cut quality of a diamond impacts its beauty and brilliance. With this in mind, the interior design applied the cuts and edges of diamond throughout the space and could be seen on the beautiful ceiling treatment and wall panel.

Diamond cutting is an intricate and delicate process that needs special knowledge, tools, equipment and techniques with goals to give the stone optimum sparkle and scintillation. The interior design approach for Luxmatters is also curated to highlight the selling items and enhance the brand identity towards the customers.

The lounge area at the back of Luxmatters is designed to have a softer touch, with lounge-like seating area and carpeted floor. This area is designed to have an exclusive feel as the items displayed are on a higher level than the ones on the front.

inspiration from the diamond itself while enhancing not just the luxury ambiance but also radiate the brand identity of the company.

Source by the-metaphor