Monday, January 30th, 2023

Urban and Chic Livingㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤ

Urban and Chic, is the interior design style for 1 BR Show Unit for Marigold T7 in Nava Park. The design direction comes from the client profile of this unit, a tech-savvy newlywed that has to adapt with the pandemic situation and opt to work from home thus resulting in a home with limitless possibilities.

Encompassing 43 square meter area, the space consists of living and dining area, with one bedroom and one bathroom, perfect for a compact living. To fully maximize the space, a hidden foldable table is installed to provide the room with multifunction option for relax and work. This could also give a personal space when working, away from the dining area and bedroom. Another addition to maximize the space is by installing a folding door in the living area and providing a sofa bed, so it could become a spare bedroom when needed.
[/vc_column]Interior design for the bedroom is all about coziness and functionality. The space is meant to be comfortable and soothing. Thus, the colors chosen are towards a more delicate and neutral colors like whites and light grey. Pop colors is added, like the headboard color, to be used as an interesting accent color to liven up the room.
Lighting serves a critical purpose in both the function and look of a space. The source of lighting also important because it plays a big role in creating ambiance while at the same time emphasizing the interior design. It can use different kind of illumination such as indirect ceiling lighting and hanging lamp that is sets at different level to create an attractive impact to the whole space.
Metaphor Interior Architecture specializing in Interior Design & Build for residential units. Our design will not only maximise the function of space but also add value to each individual needs.

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