Monday, January 30th, 2023

The Parc: Modern Abode for Cosmopolitan Community

Another exciting project we have present is ready to be showcased! Stretching in the marketing gallery, consisting three types of detailed elements of show units.

For us,  as an Indonesian interior design consultant firm who handle this project, one of the exciting parts of designing marketing gallery for our client is because we get to be creative and extensive in regard of our detailed design elements. Not to forget that we have to understand their target market, brand position and the property value in the market, we also have to keep in mind that the show units gallery should be appealing for the onlookers.

The Parc 01

For The Parc Showunits, there are three types in which are individually representative on its own. Each room has its characteristic through the use of mixed materials, colour scheme and these are based on the size and requirement of each need.

As can be seen in the studio, the developer is targeting single dwellers such as young professionals. Hence the design is dominated with functional and space-efficient elements. The bay-window becomes the highlight of this aspect as the dining area is solitary and portable. This is the selling point for targeted first homebuyers.

While the studio is presented in a darker tones, 1 Bedroom showunit presents vibrant colour. Colour palettes are more colourful and warm. There is luxury touch in the materials used as can be seen on the marble walls. Blue paneling is also used to add accent in the space, as well as the added ambiance due to its timber flooring.

The last type of the showunits is the 2 Bedroom. This spacious unit caters for family. This has to be comfortable while the space contains for loaded stuff. We make up the space as can be seen in the living room. The wall serves as shelves and partition ad the same time. In the bathroom, dominance of brass accent add the eccentric touch for the overall unit. Another room is for kids, playful and pastel colours for the kids while staying intact with luxurious living.