Friday, July 19th, 2024

Ambiente Ristorante: An Italian Restaurant in Rustic and Elegant Setting

Renovated Italian Restaurant, Ambiente Ristorante at Aryaduta Hotel, served in a rustic and elegant style.

We as an interior design Jakarta, trusted to complete refurbishment for a contemporary Italian restaurant in the heart of Jakarta city, we gained more depth by exploring the difficulties and solutions during the design process. We are not only intrigued by the present challenge, but also the unforeseen ones for the future design.

The design brings out the classic dining setting, combined with rustic industrial touch. The overall look combines refined sense in texture and colour, displaying welcoming space of comfort. Combinations of various materials and elements used in this space are integrated to bring out the comfortable dining space for the visitors. The opportunity to redesign the then-famous-Italian restaurant in town truly allowed us to challenge ourself, together with our client, in once again reliving its glory days.

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Renovating a restaurant has its own challenges, especially when the name speaks of history as Ambiente is the first Italian restaurant in town backdated 43 years ago. Situated inside Aryaduta Hotel, this renovation is to leave the old wine and dine concept, venturing in a more casual yet comfortable interior experience. Such a challenge intrigued us to be able to fulfill what our client needs, while also being able to present a beautifully created interior for the restaurant.

Previously, the restaurant image was identical with classical and formal dining setting. The overall table setting was decorated with clean white cloth that rather looks exclusive. While this image has long last for many decades, this challenge is to revamp with tactical design approach.

Entering via the main entrance, visitors are immediately welcomed with a view of what a cozy dining experience feels like. A Large Pizza oven set near entrance area welcomes guest and brings dynamic cooking experience. Few dining table at pizza bar is one of the seating option with an artsy Italian Village mural. The selection of high chair presents a rather relaxing seating for diners to sit in, added with the treatment of black and white mosaic tiles in this seating zone.

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Explore a bit further and you will find the main dining area that is separated by display shelvings. The overall ambience is slightly different in this zone; medium-tan sofa seating, wooden floor, and hanging lights are incorporated in this space. Guest will have different vantage point while seating at different areas throughout the main dining area. There are also two VIP rooms that can be combined as one large meeting area.

In the pursuit of creating cozy and comfortable dining setting, we implement classic touches by using rich walnut panelling with molding details, arched opening, dark brown timber flooring and black and white mosaic floor. The feel of industrial design approach can also be seen through the combined exposed concrete ceiling treatment. Exposed concrete at ceiling and parts of wall, brick and metal detailing are used to bring in industrial and casual feel.

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To add modern touch, mirror bronzed and metal are also added in detailing lines of shelving area to make it more stand out and yet united with the overall ambience. While brass accent gives a touch of elegance and yet not too intimidating, wood detailing at cabinet and window also added texture in space.

Presenting a complete refurbishment of a contemporary restaurant, we bring cozy dining setting with industrial touch while preserving the ambience of an Italian establishment, as also featured in Sugar & Cream: Ambiente Ristorante, Italian Restaurant

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