Monday, January 30th, 2023

Chamber: A Classic yet Timeless Wine & Restaurant Design

Experts say that you can never go wrong with timeless design such as classic style.

For classical design is proven to have an appeal that transcend the test of time, exudes elegance, authority and power. The era of Classical dominance starts way back from the early Greek influence to late 19th century that defines the lifestyle for the ”have’, a style that never ceases to exist even now in 21st Century.

One such elaborate use of classical flair is shown here in the interior design of Chamber Wine House in Pacific Place that exudes classy disposition and grandeur. Classical style becomes the central theme of this wine house and restaurant they called the Chamber. Nominated in HDII 2017 and received merit from BCI ASIA AWARD 2017, the space is reminiscent of a Gentleman’s sports club with its dark wood finished dominating the spaces and the vaulted ceiling exudes a Palladian feel which enhances the ambience, adding a perfect backdrop for the stylized chandeliers hung across the ceiling. With this nomination, we want to continue to learn and develop as an Indonesian interior design consultant.

This elegantly stylized design takes inspiration from the movie the Great Gatsby, an epic romantic drama film based on F. Scott Fitzgerald’s 1925 novel.

Various images of famous Hollywood actors and actresses, such as Frank Sinatra, Vivien Leigh and Bruce Lee amongst them filling all timber wall. The materials was inspired from 1920’s wine industry era with combination of wood and iron. Moreover, monochromatic brown colours in different materials such as Chesterfield-like finishing seating, marble table top, wooden wall features and accented by yellowish-golden colour and lightings, all of these set off a luxurious and classy atmosphere you want to relax and unwind.

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