Friday, July 19th, 2024

Interior Tips: Create your 5-Star Bedroom

One of the best parts about travelling in style are the luxury hotels or villas. There’s something heavenly about diving under the freshly laundered, Egyptian cotton sheets and plump pillows (lots of them!), Quiet aesthetics, and daily turn down service which has been designed by an interior design consultant.

But you don’t have to wait for another holiday to get those R&R vibes. Here are some hotelier tricks you can steal to create our very own master suite – just need to work on the room service.

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Dress Your Bed

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It’s the most important factor in your bedroom, so it has to look the part. Crisp white sheets are a must, so invest in top quality bedding, sheets and duvets. Triple sheeting is a fancy hotelier trick that is simply layering a thin blanket between two starched sheets. Layer your cushions with varied sizes and experiment with cosy textures, like a soft cashmere bed runner or velvet throw cushions. Just don’t go overboard when piling on the pillows.

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Choose A Neutral Colour Palette

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Rooms usually stick to neutral shades of creams, white or greys but tend to have a signature accent colour for contrast. You can add your own rich colour or feature wall for character. If you don’t fancy getting out the paintbrush, you can simply dot vibrant textures or wall art around the room. Bold curtain drapes, cushions, or accessories can make an impact without being overwhelming.

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Up Your Bathroom Style

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You may not have an en suite with a roll-top tub, but you can still give your bathroom a spa-like makeover. Invest in luxury, fluffy towels and neatly roll (not fold) for display. Decant your soap gels, bath salts, or shampoos into clear dispensers and get rid of any plastic bottles. Give it the spa fragrance with oil reed diffusers or scented candles. 

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Declutter Space & Mind

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All hotel rooms have that airy, spacious feeling with everything neatly in its place. You may have your favourite things scattered about, so consider grouping a few essential items. Place your favourite reads or magazines in a stylish rack or basket, and hide things in savvy storage like an ottoman. Ottomans can also double up as extra seating at the end of your bed. Organise your closet with luxury hangers instead of the plastic mish-mash. Those little touches can make all the difference to your chi.

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Introduce Some Mood Lighting

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Most hotel rooms have soft lighting placed in different areas that serve different purposes. Bedside or desk lamps are ideal for a softer glow, while a tall floor lamp in the corner of the room is great to uplight the room. Invest in some modern, touch dimmer lamps. The four stage settings are great for controlling the amount of brightness you need, and to set the mood for essential downtime. 

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Invest In A Statement Chair

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There is always a plush statement chair in the corner, inviting you to curl up in with a good book. Invest in a comfortable yet stunning armchair to compliment the room style. For smaller rooms, just downsize with a chair that is in proportion so you don’t lose out on valuable floor space.

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Fake Your Space

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Huge mirrors are a great way for making a space look bigger than it really is. They are also good for reflecting more light into the room. Maximise on your wall space with a large or full-length mirror. It does wonders to transform a room – just keep it sparkling and streak-free.


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