Monday, January 30th, 2023

Maison Féerie: A Tale of French Bakery Shop

Creating whimsical creations of French Boulangerie & Pâtisserie, Maison Féerie

Maison Féerie expands the spectrum of a bakery shop design. The open space allows by-passers to be exposed effortlessly to their display of pastries and breads. This is also added with the help of natural lighting entering the space through glass door, accentuating the overall deep-green colour theme.

Maison Feerie 01

Other important design consideration is not only about integrating the interior space to the brand’s green colour scheme, but also in the selection of mozaic flooring. This black and white tiles balance out the overall space. Decorative elements such as artificial plants are added in the shelving and not to be missed is the banquet seating at the shopfront. Féerie means fairies and there you may find them being displayed as the backdrop resting on the backdrop of artificial plants. This seating area tucked in the corner provides comfort and intimacy.

We want to provide the best service as an interior design Jakarta intended to prepare this project. With a modern touch, the bistro-styled bakery shop is also complimented with marble counter with brass detailing. Other decorative elements can be seen in the pendant light serving as another focal point pleasing the eyes of onlookers.