Friday, February 23rd, 2024

Diverting Away from Conventional Office to a Fun and Versatile Workspace

In the rising needs of collaborative spaces, there are many workspaces that have transformed into open space. The shift has become imminent that we finally got on to the opportunity to design Coworking Space. With the prevalent trends of non-conventional workplace, we accommodate and facilitate operational needs of a dynamic coworking space using our own design language. In this project as an interior design jakarta, we got to learn more than just making a functional workplace, but also engaging, collaborative space for the community by integrating various design elements.

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With the target of catering to premium mobile workers and startup offices, GoWork has become an exclusive destination that invites millennials and young professionals. Situation in a premium office tower of Milenium Centennial Center, our brief is to transform a large space of over than 2000 sqm into a premium coworking place. Having designed several outlets of coworking space under the same brand, we were challenged to set a newer and fresher workplace for vibrant community. Under the guidelines of being exclusive, premium coworking space, we were challenged to design space that will exude maturity and elegance. Given the big area and requirements of the coworking space, preparing the layout took several revision to reach the most effective circulation.

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Aesthetics & Spatial Design

The initial concept to design this GoWork location is set to be different than the other locations. The space is designed to cater private offices and meeting corners. In shared spaces, you will find the setting designed similarly like a lounge. There are booth seatings, sofa seatings, bench seating and even meeting rooms. While the private office is generally located further inside, the share area is placed at the central, to be visible by the passers-by through semitransparent entrance door. Bearing this in mind, we provide seating configurations that cater to different activities. We hope the place can attract small and big groups. We allow semi private events and the event space is not catered solely for GoWork members but also interested external clients.

The overall space presents a boutique hotel look that use varied selections of colours and materials. The use of brass accent that is typically found in lounge and restaurant can be found across the shared public space such as mailing box. The wooden material is accented with brass to add playful look. In addition, we incorporated built-in seating combined with reception. This is complimented with brass and linear pendant lighting. Variety of seating types also compliment the space with mixed use of colours and materials.

By understanding further the needs of each area, we were able to present the most efficient layout. We position the private office, which took almost 70% of the lease space to the back of the area. This allows independent tenants to have less traffic corridor, as compare to the other areas.

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Realisation Efficiency

Designing thousands of squares meter offices may take up months to complete starting from designing and construction. Given a tight deadline, we took up a challenge by meeting tight timeline. This included the realization of reception desk. A moulding of the reception desk is ensured to be smooth and flawless. Also the timeline needed to make sure so it can be ready as the entrance is a pivotal point to welcome members and new users.

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Well-being & Environmental Considerations

Considering the space is big and taking up two floors, we need to make sure both flows are well-connected. In this occasion, design connecting stairs near the entrance. While serving as  operational stairs, we designed the staircase as a bench. Users can maximise the space for open discussion and resting spots. We also put motivating quotes to invite collaboration and lower the tension.

We also incorporate vegetation of artificial planters to add greens as the visual as natural planters will not be practical to be implemented in indoor offices. Also, what is interesting and unusual is the existence of game corner. Unlike typical conventional offices, in coworking spaces, there are extra benefits they can get in a full-serviced coworking space.

We designed a unique shared multi-functional staircase to connect the two floors. This is also located next to the entrance area to attract by-passers seeing through the glass door. This spot can be a break corner for workers while also serving its purpose for traffic flow. Some boutique hotel vibe can be seen by our usage of warm colour where you may find the design to be subtle, unlike in the traditional work place setting. We also incorporate vegetations, some green earthy colour by using artificial planters and the organic shape linear receptionist table while serving as the initial focal point of the front look.

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Use of Product Technologies

While there are not definite new innovations used in this design, we take full consideration of the materials used in the way this workplace can enhance users experience. This breakthrough of having collaborative workplaces amongst the typical traditional workplaces. The use of moulding in the reception desk is ensured to be flawless after going through immaculate process.

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Project Challenges & Specific Solutions

To create an interesting concept as it is situated in a central area of Jakarta where all conventional workspaces has already existed, we decided to use an approach of design in a different way. We implemented a boutique hotel look to be different and unique among the rest. We are challenged to address client’s brief to cater to premium and regular coworkers in the area. As such, we use colour that is more mature such as regal blue and dark green.

We also need to create a subtle pivotal point. In this case, we decided to welcome the visitors with a grand reception desk. The usage of terrazzo is selected not only because of its beautiful accent, but also to add fresh element in the space. We want it to be sophisticated and also add balance in the selection of materials. Aside from expensive material, we also use HPL which is modified by using grooved lines to add accent on the surface. We also create a designated zone on the receptionist area by creating a flooring pattern that creates dynamic diagonal tiles. The colour of contrasting black and white tiles add neutrality in the workspace.

We are also challenged to proportionate the ration of shared facilities and the expected number of people occupying the whole space. The learning process for the space requirement is at another level and we need to made sure the space is not only aesthetically beautiful but also functional for its purpose. We needed to ensure the flow for visitors and users having variety of spaces such as open or flexible meeting corners, possibly in cozy comfortable living room setting. Not to forget that typical conventional meeting rooms have to be available as well for a more private discussion.

In other public areas, such as lounge-type couch and communal table, the design was taken with more attention to detail. The use of brass added special touch and look for the overall space.  To add colours, neutral tone was also used as seen in the upholstery fabric selection. We believe the use of mixed-materials will enhance the overall ambience.


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