Thursday, July 18th, 2024

Sarana Penida Office – Jakarta

Being one of the hallmark industries of the industrial era, it is thereby fitting for a shipping company to have their office designed in the industrial style. For this design, metal plates are shaped, stamped, and embellished with custom handle details to look like shipping containers. This main ornament is combined with clean-cut finishes to provide a lively spin in the office space. And we as interior designer in Jakarta tried our best to produce high quality result and maintain our interior design standard to cater various design project.

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docking station —

Elements that convey the industrial style are used throughout this interior. Parts of the wall are finished using skim coating, with bricks being white-washed to provide the characteristic rough expression. As a harmonic contrast within the industrial look, the smooth surfaces of metals are also used, including wire mesh finishes on structural columns. Arranged in various sizes, light-coloured wooden panels are used extensively on the walls to soften the overall appearance.

tight ship —

Further lending sophistication to the professional air, a palette of muted blue is used to emphasise the corporate identity in combination with grey, black, and white colours. The complementary accents of light orange and citrus green are occasionally used to add splashes of interest to the space.

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Site Response

The design of Sarana Penida encompasses four floors in a building, on the first, second, fifth, and eighth level. The first and second floors are visually conjoined through a void, connected with the centrepiece of a distinctively industrial metal staircase that is softened with wooden treads. Overlooking it, a meeting room is framed with a cut-out metal panel resembling a container.

For this design, different treatments on the flooring further demarcates between different zones. The reception area is embellished in white, grey, and brown-coloured marble finishes for an elegant look. On the other hand, the workspace area is covered with carpets in various patterns to create a more casual appearance for a comfortable employee environment.

light package —

Maintaining a balance between the prominent thematic elements, the floor plan and choice of furniture are kept as simple and clear as possible. The staff’s workplace is placed on a spacious double-height area next to full-length windows, allowing ample natural light and outdoors views during the day.


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