Monday, January 30th, 2023

Gyukaku: Spreading Happiness Through Grilled Meat

Gyukaku started from a restaurant that opened in Sangenjaya, Tokyo, in 1996. From that first restaurant, they have grown to become the largest Yakiniku restaurant operator in the world. Gyukaku set its footstep in Indonesia in Aeon Mall BSD City in 2015. Since then, they have been expanding to make Japanese Yakiniku more familiar to people in Indonesia. And now with more than 700 outlets worldwide, they can spread happiness of enjoying Japanese Yakiniku to the corners of the world!

At the beginning we were briefed by the owner that they wanted a Japanese design but it needed to be made more attractive so that it could attract younger crowds. And by sticking to Japanese design principles that prioritize in simplicity and nature, we tried not to overdo our initial design concept in order to not lose the Japanese character itself. Therefore, we only focus on one treatment which would be our main focal point, and tone down other approach but still creating the whole look to become one harmonious creation that linked with one another. It is important to create unity from all elements, which gives birth to a peaceful and balanced atmosphere. The use of natural materials such as wood and stone are very dominant in this restaurant. A touch of green from the bamboo placed in various area also complement the natural feel of this space. In terms of color, darker wood is chosen because we want to provide an intimate and warm ambiance in this yakiniku restaurant. Thus, it would make this a great place to hang out with family and friends while grilling meat and enjoying the day.

The ceiling design in the main dining area is our focal point. Inspired by modern Japanese architecture and combined with intricate design of wooden material, this make the ceiling design stand out and becomes more attractive And of course, with the implementation of concealed light on this ceiling treatment, it helps to emphasize the shape of the entire ceiling and creates its own charm as the main highlight to the whole interior design concept. Though the uncertain situation due to this pandemic created slight issue on communication side with the contractors, where we have to explain, select and monitor construction progress by online, the whole design was well executed and both the owner and us are satisfied by the results.

And to complement the natural character, bright colors are used as accents by implementing the Japanese kimono pattern on the sofa. We want it to be cheerful so that it is more appealing and suitable for their target market of young people. Overall we as interior design consultant Indonesia could thoroughly portray the Japanese character design, while still maintaining the cozy modern feeling in it. Furthermore, this design also makes this place stand out among other restaurants in the same area. The natural and simple style allows it to be a great place for people who are looking for great food with relaxing atmosphere.


By the-metaphor